Easy way to clean pen off the walls ( NO SCRUBBING)

When your kids want to express their creativity on your walls, and you once again want to rip your hair out. Here is a solution to clean up that mess, no scrubbing required, just grab a can of hairspray and spray away, watch the ink dissolve right before your eyes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

My First Blog

My first blog:

Sick of your vegetables going off before you get a chance to use them!

I was, so I went researching to find a way to save myself some money from having to replace these items every shopping day, while watching my money go down the drain.

So here is what I have done: You need to have a pot with hot water, and a pot with cold water, for things like carrots, and capsicum you need to do a process called blanching before freezing this is to kill the enzymes in the food. So for diced to sliced you put in hot water for 2 mins then cold water for 2 mins then put into a ziplock bag to freeze them. Onions you can just dice or slice and put straight into ziplock bag and freeze.

Carrots cans be frozen for up to 9 months
Onions for up to 6 months
Capsicum up to 12 months.
I will keep you all informed with more vegetables as I learn myself.

Hello world!

So here it is a blog, for all my randomness. Everyone has been telling me I should have a blog to share all the random tips and hints I have. All the way from ranting about parenting to tips on saving money in the shopping bill each week 😊 I have no idea what I am doing but bare with me while I work out how this whole thing works!